Brand New Pokemon Concept: Retyped Charizard

Brand New Pokemon Concept: Retyped Charizard

Here you can find the concept for a brand new pokemon.

There are currently 649 pokemon that have graced our screens.

Below is a brand new, never before seen pokemon concept sprite of a retyped Charizard.

*This is NOT a real pokemon it is a concept that would make for a cool new pokemon*

Every Pokemon that we have grown to love or hate has its own type or types but what would these pokemon look like if they were created originally with a different type.

Charizard was the final evolution of the very first fire type starter but what if Charizard was originally water type. The sprite above is my rendition of a water type Charizard.

Any ideas of what the name of this pokemon should or could be?

Any comments?

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