Brand New Pokemon: Ice Type Conkeldurr

Brand New Pokemon: Ice Type Conkeldurr

Here you can find the concept for brand new pokemon.

There are currently 649 pokemon that have graced our screens.

Below is a brand new, never before seen pokemon concept sprite.

This brand new Pokemon is a newly typed form of Conkeldurr.

The pokemon is believed to be dual typed Ice and Fighting. If this is true it will be the first pokemon to ever have the the dual type Ice and Fighting

It is based off the Pokemon Black and Pokemon White, Conkeldurr that was raised in the frigid conditions atop the mountains of the Unova region.

This Pokemon has not yet appeared in any pokemon games or pokemon shows.

There was no name for this pokemon with the picture.

Any ideas of what the name of this pokemon should or could be?

Any ideas of what the pre evolutions for this pokemon could be?

Any comments?

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